Cross Cultural Bible Fellowship
Bible Session

Bible instruction and discussion focuses on spiritual formation as it
is related to Christian worship and outreach. The objective is to
help the group that they grow in their Christian faith as well as
missionary commission to render support for our congregations and
missionary initiatives in the future. Biblical instructions and
discussions are resuming around the theme of "The role of law and
gospel on forming cultural identities and its implications for
missions." The objective is to encourage communal and mutual
partnership in missionary endeavor in today's multi-cultural
context. Songs and music are presented in Amharic and English


The Bible study session is compounded with worship music that is
Christ-centered and culturally integrative. Right after the Bible
study, the group holds fellowship time with often Cross cultural
traditional bread or sometimes meals. A host family is assigned for
every Friday's meeting to delegate responsibilities and enhance
partnership in God's mission.
They entertain participants with
cultural food, snacks and refreshments. Prayer concerns and
thanks giving are shared during the meetings. Communal prayers
play a significant role enhancing our solidarity in one faith and

Outreach and Community Services

The cross cultural Bible study group continued being an additional
"missionary arm" of our African Immigrant Ministries and Saint
Augustine Lutheran Church. The group is devising ways to
participate in various community services including organizing
social events, elderly assistance, neighborhood evangelism and so
on. It is serving as a special task force to expand outreach ministry
among various immigrant and other communities in Fort Wayne. It
is believed that this group will play a significant role to have a
new mission start among African immigrants in the North East
Indiana region.